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Some people think they never need a notary, and many never do. However, circumstances can make one necessary. An educated guess on how many documents get notarized each year puts it at 2 percent of the population of about 6.5 million signings.

Does the Post Office Have a Notary?

Online Notary Services

If you have ever had official documents that you had to get notarized, you understand just how challenging this can be sometimes. For example, you probably had to call around, see if anyone in your area had access to a notary, and then drive to that location. Then, you may figure out that the notary simply isn’t there on that day. This can be incredibly frustrating.

What Is a Mobile Notary Service?

Notarize a Document in the US

If you have official documents, there is a chance that you may need to get them notarized. If you are wondering who can notarize a document, you need to go to an official notary. What does it mean to notarize a document?

Who Can Notarize a Document in the US?

Online Notary Services

Are you interested in trying an online notary? Then you’ll want to see our top 10 rankings of the best notary platforms available.

10 Best Online Notary Services 2021

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Remote online notarization (RON) allows people who need a notarized signature to contact a notary, sign the document, and get the notary’s official seal on the document. The only difference is they can do it all without leaving home.

What States Allow Remote Notarization?


When creativity and technology combine, the partnership can produce remarkable innovation. An online hosted platform allows a commissioned remote notary to authenticate documents with no hardware or software investment.

What is a Remote Notary?

Notarization Process

You may have heard about remote online notarization (RON) and wondered if it’s possible. Can you really get your legal documents notarized from home? Can you really do it all online with just a computer? Most important, can you trust the legality of online notary transactions?

Is Online Notary Legal?


You have probably notarized documents in the past. Is notarization still an important part of the legal and business landscape? The simple answer is yes. Notarization is the first line of defense against fraud and identity theft.

How to Get a Signature Notarized