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How To Find a Notary Near Me

The COVID-19 pandemic may have kept many people at home and off the streets, but important life events continue.

If you need to notarize that paperwork, where can you turn? Here’s how to find a notary near me when you need one.

Is Remote Online Notarization the Future?

COVID-19 changed the way we do business. So many industries have been affected. Restaurants, concerts, travel, and sports are very different compared to a year ago. Right now, notarization is changing. Is this temporary? Or has the face of our notary world changed forever?

Webinar Replay “How to Become an Online Notary with $0 Monthly Fees”

Over the last few months, we’ve run a series of online webinars covering specifics of becoming an online notary. For those who couldn’t attend, you are now able to watch the replay.

Perform More Successful Online Notarizations with US Passport

Latest news and developments: US Passport now supported for ID verification, real-time signer’s identity verification history, OneNotary Signer Portal launch, big documents support


Webinar “How to Become an Online Notary with $0 Monthly Fees”

If you want to become a successful online notary without having to pay high platform fees, be sure to register for our FREE webinar “How to Become an Online Notary with $0 Monthly Fees”.

How to Become an Online Notary. A Comprehensive Guide

In 2020, the need for remote online notaries has dramatically increased with the advent of COVID-19’s mandatory quarantines. If you’re not doing online notarizations, you’re missing out. 

How to Verify a Document Notarized Online

Once you receive a document that was notarized via remote online notarization there are few important tokens to look for.

Welcome to the OneNotary Platform

We’ve put together some tips to help you get familiar with our platform. Please review them carefully before you conduct your first remote notarization session with OneNotary