How To Get a Notarized Copy of Tax Return

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June 17, 2021

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There may be situations where you need a verified, notarized copy of your tax return. When that happens, knowing where to get the documents you need and how to get them notarized will save you a lot of stress and headaches. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a notarized copy of a state income tax return or federal tax return.

Why Do You Need a Notarized Tax Return?

Here are the most common situations where you may need this.

Immigration Sponsorship

If you are sponsoring someone for a visa, you must file IRS Form I-864A, otherwise known as an affidavit of support. Along with the form, you must provide a notarized copy of your tax return. If you didn’t file a tax return on one of the requested years, you may need to provide a letter explaining why and notarize the letter.

If you are using income from more than one person to sponsor someone, each person must file a Form I-864A with a notarized tax return.

In case the person you’re sponsoring is currently working in the U.S., they must file their own notarized tax return. Alternatively, they can file a notarized letter explaining why they did not have to file taxes.

Financial Aid

Some financial aid offices at schools require a notarized tax return to assess how much aid you need. If you are an independent student paying your own way through school, you should use your personal state and federal tax returns.

Note: It’s important to remember that notaries only confirm the identity of the person signing the paperwork. Notarization does not imply the information on the form is correct or that the return was filed.

How To Notarize Your Tax Return

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To get your tax return notarized, you will need a paper tax form. Most people are used to electronic filing, and some people may be surprised to learn you can submit a paper file. In fact, the paper filing was the norm until 1986, when the IRS began accepting electronic returns.

Filling out a paper tax form is not difficult. If you’ve e-filed in the past, you’re familiar with the information and documents you need.
You can get paper tax forms from the IRS any time, even if it’s not officially tax season.

To get them, go to the Forms, Instructions & Publications page on the IRS website.

You will see listings showing forms and instructions for:

  • 1040 form
  • 1040-ES form
  • 4506-T form
  • W-7 form
  • 9465 form

Most filers will use Form 1040.

2. Print the Form

You’ll see the form in PDF format. Print it out.

3. Use the Instructions

The IRS helpfully provides line-by-line instructions for filling out every form on its website. These are lengthy, so you don’t have to print them out. Keep them open, and use them as you fill out the form by hand.

Use black ink and print clearly. Leave the date and signature section blank.

4. Don’t Sign or Date the Form

This is important. To properly notarize a document, you must wait until you are in the presence of a notary to sign and date a document.

5. Get Your Return Notarized

Find a notary who can verify your identity when you sign your return. You won’t need a witness. Once the notary signs and places a notarial seal on your form, your tax return is properly notarized.

How To Find a Notary

Where can you find a notary? Most people look for notaries at banks, shipping businesses, and office supply stores. You can usually find notaries at these offices, but you must know the notary’s schedule.

What if the location has inconvenient hours or is too far to drive? What if you don’t have a car? You may be able to find a mobile notary who will come to you.

An online notary service is the most convenient option. Online notarization platforms like OneNotary are available 24-7, and you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can get your notarization done online in about 20 minutes.

Can an Online Notary Notarize Your Return?

Notarize a Document Remotely

Yes, and it’s easy. You simply upload a valid form of i.d. and your document. Doing this doesn’t require any equipment besides a desktop or laptop with audiovisual capabilities.

Is Online Notarization Legal?

Online notarization is legal in most states. Documents notarized online are as valid as those notarized in person.

How To Notarize a Copy of a Past Tax Return

Sometimes, you need a copy of a tax return you already filed. How do you get a notarized copy of your tax return from your past?

The IRS calls your past returns your “transcripts,” and it is easy to get them. Go to the IRS Get-Transcript webpage and choose whether you want an online copy or a mailed copy of your tax transcripts.

To receive transcripts by mail, you will need:

  • Your social security number.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Mailing address from your last tax return.

To get your transcripts online, you will need:

  • Your social security number.
  • Valid email address.
  • Personal account number from a credit card, loan or mortgage.
  • Mobile phone number linked to our name.

Notarize Your Tax Return Online

Start by registering for a free account at OneNotary. You’ll find a notary who’s licensed to perform online notarizations in your state. Schedule an appointment, upload your paperwork, and get your return notarized. It’s fast, secure, and easy to notarize any document online.