How to Verify a Document Notarized Online

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OneNotary Support Team

March 24, 2021

The digital certificate issuer guarantees the notary identity validity. It often comes with a matching root certificate from the certificate provider. Here is a complete instruction on how to verify the document.

If you see a yellow warning sign on the blue ribbon in Adobe Reader, you may need to download an open root certificate from the provider so your Adobe Reader can complete the check. Please see instructions below

It may already be included in the list of trusted certificates by Adobe Reader, or you may need to install it.

To install the IdenTrust Root Certificate, follow these steps:

  1. Download IdenTrustGlobalCommonRoot.fdf
  2. Open the file. You are going to need Adobe Reader installed (Download Adobe Reader)
  3. In a popup window that appears, click the “Set Contact Trust” button
  4. Select “Use this certificate as a trusted root” option

  5. Click the “OK” button. If the import is successful, you’ll see a confirmation.