How to Notarize a Document Remotely

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May 4, 2021

Notarize a Document Remotely

Do you have documents that you have to get notarized? There is a chance that you would have driven around town, trying to figure out how you can possibly find a notary public who can help you. Instead of driving around to post offices, banks, and legal offices, you may be able to get your documents notarized online. If you are looking for ways to notarize a document remotely, what do you need to know? Take a look at the helpful information below, and learn how to get a document notarized online.

What Is a Remote Online Notarization?

Just as it sounds, a remote online notarization is a way for you to get your document notarized without having to meet with a traditional notary public in person. In the past, you would have to drive around to several locations, see if the notary was there that day, set up an appointment, produce your documents, and wait for the process to be completed. That takes a lot of time and money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Now, you can get your documents notarized online instead. Instead of getting in your car, spending a lot of gas, and getting frustrated when the notary is not available, you can use the internet to find people who can notarize your documents online. Then, you can upload your documents, answer a few questions, and download your documents after they have been notarized. Because the process is streamlined, many people have decided to use an online notary instead.

The Remote Notarization Process

Notarize a Document Remotely

The remote notarization process is relatively straightforward. The steps you need to follow include:

  • You need to find a platform that provides you with access to online notaries
  • You need to verify the documents you have to get notarized can be done online
  • You need to upload your document, so the notary can review them
  • You will need to verify your identity by answering a few questions about yourself
  • The online notary will walk you through the process to get your documents notarized
  • You can download your documents after they have been notarized with the signature and seal attached

The same process happens online when compared to the one that is handled in person. You simply do not have to worry about driving to another location to meet with a notary. Furthermore, you may be able to save money as well.

What Documents Can You Notarize Remotely?

First, understand that not every state allows you to notarize your documents remotely. Even though more than half of all states now allow this, this isn’t universal. Therefore, you need to check your jurisdiction to make sure you are allowed to notarize your documents remotely.

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If your state does allow your documents to be notarized remotely, just about everything should fall under this category. For example, if you have to get documents notarized for a real estate transaction, this should be able to be handled remotely. If you have documents that you need to have notarized for legal proceedings, you may be able to get these notarized remotely as well. If you require notarization and witnessing for wills and trusts, you may be able to get this notarized remotely as well. This is something that you should check with your jurisdiction before moving forward.

Where Can You Notarize a Document Remotely?

There are lots of platforms that will allow you to notarize a document remotely. It comes down to what documents you need to get notarized. Not every platform allows you to notarize every type of document. Fortunately, there is a convenient platform that will allow you to notarize just about anything online, as long as it is allowed in your jurisdiction. That is OneNotary.

How To Notarize a Document Online with OneNotary?

If you are looking for a way to notarize documents online, you need to work with a remote notary, such as one from OneNotary. There are also numerous benefits to becoming an online notary for OneNotary. These include:

  • You can provide a valuable service to those who need it
  • You can make extra money to supplement your income
  • You can set your own schedule, working when you would like
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home using nothing but your computer and an internet connection
  • You can decide how much you want to charge
  • Because a lot of Industries required documents to be notarized regularly, you may make yourself more competitive if you are a notary
  • Because many people are looking for online notaries, remote notary services are only going to be in higher demand
  • OneNotary provides you with all the tools you need to become a remote online notary

Online Notary Services

These are just a few of the many benefits of becoming a remote notary for OneNotary. If you would like to get your document notarized online through OneNotary, there are several steps you need to follow. These include:

  1. First, you create an account on OneNotary and take a look at the available appointment times
  2. Once you have booked your appointment, you will receive an email confirmation
  3. Click the link in the email to upload the documents you need to get notarized
  4. At the time of your appointment, you will answer a few questions about yourself to verify your identity
  5. Then, you will meet with the remote notary, who will walk you through the process
  6. Once the remote notary has verified your documents, he or she will sign them, seal them, and make them available for download

The process is incredibly straightforward, which is why a lot of people now prefer remote notary online services.

Why Should You Choose Remote Online Notarization?

There are lots of reasons why people are deciding to notarize documents online. A few of the biggest benefits include:

  • It is much easier to get an appointment if you decide to notarize your documents online, as you can easily see who was present and when they are available.
  • You do not have to worry about driving around town trying to find a traditional notary, as you can simply conference with your remote online notary using the internet.
  • Because you do not have to drive around, you may be able to save money.
  • Online notary services are often less expensive than traditional notary services.
  • You are not limited to notaries in your geographic area, which makes it easier to get an appointment scheduled.

Given these benefits, it is easy to see why people prefer to use an online notary service. If you have a document that you need to get notarized, consider looking for a remote online notary instead.

Consider Going with a Remote Online Notarization Process

If you have documents that you need to get notarized, you can notarize documents online. You may be able to save a lot of time and money. For those who are wondering how to get something notarized online, the process is relatively straightforward. You simply need to schedule an online appointment, upload your documents, and meet the notary for the session. Instead of spending time and money driving around town, why not go to the notary process online Instead? This is faster, less expensive, and more convenient.

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