Can I Get Something Notarized Outside of the US

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May 13, 2021

Notarize a Document Remotely

With the proliferation of technology, the world has gotten smaller. This means more international real estate deals, marriage licenses, and will executions. All of these activities require notary services. Can you get something notarized outside of the US? The answer is yes. Although finding a suitable notary while conducting business overseas can be a challenge, you have some options.

Can I Get Something Notarized Outside of the US?

While the straightforward answer to this question is yes, international activities are rarely black and white. The answer really depends on why you need a notary service in the first place. After analyzing your requirements for a notary, compare the duties of notaries in the United States with those of foreign notaries.

U.S. notaries certify signatures for businesses that need identity verification to complete a variety of financial and legal transactions. Before receiving government-issued certification credentials, they undergo background checks to make sure that they are trustworthy. Mistakes happen, and most states require that notaries carry surety bonds to cover damages that administrative negligence can bring.

mobile Online Notary Services

A foreign notary not only verifies that a signature on a document is valid, but he or she certifies that the document itself is legally binding. Foreign notaries are appointees who oversee complex financial transactions such as real estate contracts and corporate acquisition documents.

If you simply need a signature verification for a routine U.S. business transaction, most international notary services are overkill. Foreign notaries hold prestigious positions in their countries. Routine verification of a signature on a U.S. document that would normally take 5 minutes to complete may take much longer when foreign notaries are involved. They don’t want to stake their seals and reputations verifying a signature on a document that they aren’t sure is legally valid itself. When faced with these differences between U.S. and foreign notaries, it’s often best to seek out U.S. notary services if you need a simple signature verification while traveling abroad.

How to Get Something Notarized Anywhere

When getting a signature verification for a U.S. document can’t wait, most people will tell you to seek out the nearest military base. While the United States has a military presence and in a lot of places, getting a meeting with a notary on a base can be hard if you are a civilian who isn’t authorized to enter the base’s facilities. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your documents notarized from anywhere? OneNotary makes that possible.

Online Notary Services With OneNotary

The same technology platforms that make remote work possible are the same ones that allow you to get your documents notarized online. OneNotary is a leading online notary service that matches U.S. notaries to clients online.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the OneNotary website.
  2. Request a notary session.
  3. Select an available time.
  4. Open the link from your email invitation.
  5. Upload your documents for notarization.
  6. Confirm your identity by answering a series of questions and sending pictures of your driver’s license.
  7. Meet your notary for a virtual notary session.
  8. Your notary digitally notarizes the documents.
  9. Download your notarized documents.


While the main selling point of OneNotary is convenience, people also use the service because OneNotary employs only vetted notary publics. This means that you don’t have to do extensive research to locate a notary who has valid credentials for the service that you need.

U.S. notaries verify signatures on a variety of documents. When you need notary services for a loan signing, you’ll often pay for multiple notarized pages. OneNotary offers flexible pricing when you need multiple notary certificates.

Other Options

There are two other options to consider when getting documents notarized outside of the United States. You can search the internet for a mobile notary who will come to you to notarize your document. If your mobile notary has an office on a military base, he or she will meet you at an off-base location to notarize your document.

1. Convenience
2. Flexible scheduling
3. Secure

1. Expensive
2. No social distancing during pandemic
3. May not be authorized to seal your state’s documents.

Visiting the nearest U.S. embassy is another option for notarizing your documents outside of the United States. Embassies usually have officials who are authorized to verify a variety of documents. However, you’ll still need to find out if that notary’s seal is valid for your state’s documents.

OneNotary FAQs

Is OneNotary Secure?

Documents that require notarization services are often sensitive in nature. Transmitting them electronically inherently raises security concerns. OneNotary uses encryption to safeguard documents against hackers during transit and storage. For added security, OneNotary only keeps your notarized documents for seven days. It deletes all personal information that’s not required for notary transactions. It also provides a secure payment platform for clients.

Are There Documents That OneNotary Can’t Notarize?

Some states don’t allow government-issued documents to be notarized online. In these cases, you’ll need to contact an in-person notary.

Do I Need Special Software for a OneNotary Session?

You don’t need special software to schedule or accomplish a OneNotary online session. You will need a stable internet connection, a video camera, a speaker, a microphone, and an updated internet browser.

What Identification Documents Do I Need For My OneNotary session?

You’ll need a driver’s license to accomplish an online notarization session. You’ll have to send the notary pictures of the front and back of your license via your smartphone. After the pictures have been analyzed for authenticity and your identity has been verified, the notary can certify your documents.


When you’re traveling outside of the United States, you can expect that you’ll have to postpone certain business and personal transactions until you get back home. By using an online notary service such as OneNotary, you can move along with your business dealings without missing a beat.