How to Get a Notarized Bill of Sale for Your Car

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May 9, 2021


Are you going to buy or sell a car? You will need a notarized bill of sale to prove ownership has changed hands. Many states require bills of sale before you can register your new car.

Both the seller and buyer should keep a copy of the notarized bill of sale. It’s not difficult to get a properly notarized bill of sale car. Follow these steps to ensure your document is ready to ride when you are.

Why You Need a Bill of Sale for Your Car

  • Tax purposes: You may need to show proof of income from the sale of a car. A bill of sale can help you do that. On the other hand, if you can write off a car purchase, you will need the bill of sale when you file your taxes.
  • Proof of ownership: Some states require you to show proof of ownership before you can register your car. Some specifically require a bill of sale. It’s a smart idea to have it in your files in case you need it.
  • Legal disputes: If you’re ever in a legal dispute involving ownership of the car, you will need documentation. A notarized bill of sale trumps all other claims in a court of law.

Who Should Prepare the Bill of Sale?

Either the buyer or seller of a car can prepare the bill of sale. If you’re buying from a private seller, for instance, from Craigslist or your neighbor, a bill of sale is a necessity because the seller won’t have the legal and financial documents a car dealer has.

What Is the Bill of Sale?

Typically, the bill of sale includes:

  • Car’s vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • License plate number. Remember, some states don’t allow the transfer of license plates when cars are sold. Your state’s laws will determine if the seller transfers the plates or if the buyer needs to get new ones when they register the car.
  • Date and location of the sale.
  • Names, phone numbers, and addresses of buyer and seller.
  • Notarized signatures of buyer and seller.

Some states may ask for specific information, including the sale price, the odometer reading, and make and model.

Steps To Preparing a Notarized Bill of Sale

You can get a notarized bill of sale template from a legal or business website.

To get started, download the form or template and fill it out. Follow these instructions.

  1. Choose the state where the sale took place.
  2. Fill out all the information.
  3. Do not sign or date the document. Wait until you’re both in the presence of a notary. Using an online notary platform makes this easy.
  4. Set up a time when you can both meet in front of the notary. When you meet with the notary, sign the forms and allow the notary to sign and seal the documents.
  5. Download and print the notarized bill of sale. Each person involved in the sale should keep a copy for their files.

Where To Get Something Notarized

The fastest, most convenient way is to use remote online notarization (RON). Once confined to a handful of states, RON has become standard practice in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Notarizing a document online is the same as notarizing it in person.

It only takes about 15 minutes, and you can do it from any location where you have access to the internet.

OneNotary Makes It Fast and Easy

Online Notary

One of the best online notarization platforms is OneNotary. This online platform makes it easy to prepare a vehicle bill of sale with notary.

  • You don’t have to drive anywhere or hunt down a notary, you can make an appointment that morning for a notarization that afternoon.
  • You can take care of this document from your home, office or the seller’s home. If you have internet access, you can get a notarized bill of sale.
  • OneNotary has advanced security protocols. Your personal financial information is absolutely safe.
  • OneNotary’s rates are affordable, and the site is easy to use.

How Much Will It Cost to Notarize a Bill of Sale?

You’ll pay about $25 for a single document with one certificate. Each additional seal costs $10.

Step by Step Instructions for Using OneNotary with Your Bill of Sale

Are you ready to prepare your notarized car bill of sale? Follow these steps.

  1. Complete the free registration at OneNotary.
  2. Schedule a time for your signing session.
  3. A notary will send you an invitation email.
  4. Open the link in the email to start your session.
  5. Follow the instructions to upload your documents.
  6. Complete the identification section.
  7. Sign your documents.
  8. The notary will fill out the appropriate section, sign the document and attach a seal.
  9. Download and print your documents.
  10. Keep copies of your signed, notarized bill of sale in a secure place.

Count on Fast, Easy and Secure Notarization of Your Vehicle Bill of Sale

When you use OneNotary, you get state-of-the-art encryption, affordable pricing and fast, convenient notarization. You’ll be on the road with your paperwork in no time.