How Long Is a Notarized Document Valid?

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July 16, 2021

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If you have to get a document notarized, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, you might be curious about a notarized document legally validity. Is there an expiration date when it comes to a notarized document? How long is a notarized document valid? If you would like to learn more about notarized documents, you might also be wondering, how long is a notary good for? Take a look at some important information below, and make sure you are clear about the requirements regarding a notarized document.

What Does it Mean To Have a Document Notarized?

If you have an important legal proceeding coming up, or if you are making an important financial transaction, you may be required to get your documents notarized. What this means is that you have gone through additional steps to deter the possibility of fraud.

If you go to the notary process, you are going to fill out these documents in the presence of someone called a notary public. A notary public is responsible for authenticating the validity of the document that has been signed. The notary public might be responsible for making sure the document has been filled properly. The notary will also make sure that everyone involved in the process understands what they are signing. Finally, the notary will also verify the identities of the individuals involved. All of this is important for making sure people are entering into a major transaction or legal process of their own free will and volition.

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Do Notarized Documents Expire?

The notarization seal should not expire. When the notary public stamps the document, an expiration date is going to be present on the seal. As long as the date shown on the seal used during the notarization process is valid, the documents are going to be valid as well.

Notaries usually have an expiration date on their commission. It is the responsibility of the notary to make sure that their commission is still valid. As long as their commission has not expired, then all documents they notarize should be valid as well.

On the other hand, the document itself may expire separately from the notary seal. It depends on the type of documents that are involved. For example, the document states that everything is valid for one year, then the document is going to be valid for one year as well.

How Long Is a Notarized Document Good For?

It depends on the type of document. As mentioned above, the notarization seal should not expire as long as the commission date is still valid. The document should have expiration dates listed at the top. It is important to take a closer look at the document to make sure you are familiar with the expiration date. It is important for you to submit the document before they expire. That way, you do not have to go through the notarization process again.

When can a Notarized Document Be Rejected?

There are several common situations where the receiving party (or a court of law) may decide to reject documents even after they have been notarized. A few examples include:

  • If there is any correction fluid that has been used, the other party may decide to reject the documents. This could indicate the documents were altered after they were notarized.
  • There are some situations where the notary may place his or her stamp over a portion of text, making it difficult to read. In this case, the document will be rejected because the text cannot be read.
  • If a notary seal has expired, then the document may be rejected. It is important to make sure the seal is valid before leaving.
  • There might also be a situation where the notarial certificate is incomplete. It is important for everyone to be able to read the certificate clearly.
  • Finally, if any of the demographic information related to the signer is incorrect, the document could be rejected.

These are a few of the most common reasons why a document my rejected. It is important to understand these reasons and avoid them ahead of time.

Verifying Identification

How To Notarize Something with OneNotary

Instead of having to drive around looking for a physical notary, it is possible to get a document notarized virtually through OneNotary. The steps include:

  • First, take a look at the available appointments slots. Select one that fits your schedule.
  • Then, upload all documents related to the notary process by clicking on a link that comes via email.
  • Prior to the session, you will need to answer a few questions to verify your identity. That way, the notary understands who he or she is working with.
  • When the session arrives, log in and meet with the notary virtually using video conferencing technology.
  • Finally, download the documents after they have been notarized by the notary public.

Getting your documents notarized virtually may be able to save you a lot of time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are few common questions people have about this process. These include:

How long does a notary last?

This varies from state to state; however, a common term for a notary commission is about five years.

How long is a notary stamp good for?

The notary stamp will remain valid even if the notary’s commission expires before the document is submitted. As long as the commission was valid when the stamp was inked or embedded, the stamp will remain valid as well.

How long is a notarized letter good for?

Even though the notary stamp does not expire, it is possible for the letter or document may expire. Take a look at the document and see if there is a deadline by which it has to be submitted.