What Does a Notarized Document Look Like?

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August 21, 2021


If you want to make sure that your financial, real estate, or legal documents will be accepted, you might need to get them notarized. At the same time, you might be going through this process for the first time, so you may not know exactly what it means to get a document notarized. When the process is finished, you have to make sure your documents have been notarized appropriately. Therefore, what does a notarized document look like? Take a look at some important points below, and remember to reach out to a professional who can help you.

What Does it Mean To Have a Document Notarized?

First, you may be wondering what it means to get a document notarized. A notary public is responsible for taking a document and notarizing it appropriately. Before it document can be notarized, a notary public has to accomplish several tasks, including:

  • The notary public has to verify that the identity of the person on the page matches the person who is filling out the document.
  • The notary public also has to make sure the document has been filled out appropriately.
  • It is also the responsibility of the notary public to make sure the individual in question understands the implications of the document and is entering into the agreement of his or her own free will and volition.

If all of these boxes have been checked, the notary public can notarize a document, adding an extra layer of security before the document can be accepted.

What Does a Notarized Document Look Like?

A notarized document can vary significantly in its appearance depending on the exact type of document you are having notarized. In general, the notary public is going to have to sign the document along with all parties involved. Then, the notary public will have a stamp that he or she may use to specify the date on which the document was notarized. After this, the notary public may have a seal he or she will use to emboss the document appropriately. Even though there are different locations where a document may be notarized, most of these documents have a fairly standard appearance. You need to make sure the document has been appropriately notarized before you leave your session with a notary public. That way, you know the document is going to be accepted.

How To Notarize Online with OneNotary

It can be a lot of trouble for you to drive around, locate a notary public, and go through an in-person session. You might have to miss time from work, and you may not have a time that fits your schedule. Instead, you should consider meeting with a virtual notary instead of using a service such as OneNotary. If you would like to get a document notarized using OneNotary, a few steps you need to follow include:

  1. First, you need to go to OneNotary and take a look at the available dates and times during which you can meet with a notary public. Select a time that best matches your schedule.
  2. Next, you will receive an email invitation to upload the necessary documents. You may need to upload a few additional documents to verify your identity as well.
  3. Prior to your session with a notary public, you may need to answer a few questions to verify your identity. That way, the notary public knows that you are the person who is on the sheet of paper.
  4. When it is time for your session with the notary public, you will log into the secure session. Then, using a video camera, you will interact with a notary public to get your document notarized.
  5. After the session is done, you will wait a few minutes for the notary public to fill out and notarize the document. Then, he or she can upload them so you can download them to your computer and use them to finish your task.

If you decide to get your documents notarized using OneNotary, you can save a lot of time and money during this process. That way, you can get access to your notarized documents more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Document Notarized


There are several common questions people ask about getting a document notarized. These include:

Why do some documents need to be notarized?

There are several reasons why some documents need to be notarized. First, it might be important to verify the identity of the person signing the document. Furthermore, there could be significant financial or legal implications involved. Therefore, a notary public will be responsible for making sure the person understands the document understands the implications of the document.

What does a notarized letter look like?

A notarized letter is going to contain several important features. First, everyone involved in the letter has to sign the letter, including the notary public. Then, there will probably be a stamp for the date on which the document was notarized. Furthermore, the notary is also going to include his or her seal on the document. This is important for making sure the notary public has a valid certification when he or she notarizes the letter.

What does a notary signature look like?

The signature of a notary public is going to look just like any other signature; however, one important feature that sets a notary public apart is the seal. There could be a raised stamp or seal that embosses the letter, setting a notarized document apart from others. If you have questions or concerns about how the document is going to be notarized, you should talk to the notary public ahead of time. That way, you understand what you are saying.