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Only for $125 per closing
Experienced and vetted signing agents backed up with cutting-edge technology to notarize your closing document package in 15 minutes . No setup costs. Close your transaction-on demand. Setup your free account today.

Why OneNotary?

6X Faster Closing

We use cutting-edge technology to prepare the documents for you removing all manual tagging so you can close faster with no errors.

Experienced Notaries

Our experienced and vetted notaries are have completed and average of thousand closings.

On Demand Closing

We ensure the certified notaries are ready when your clients are

No Personal Data Stored

Security is our priority. We don't store any sensitive personal data. We use two-factor signer identity verification and encryption.

eClosing in 15 Minutes

Step 1: Document Auto-Preparation
Unique proprietary technology automatically tags and prepares the signing package in 90 seconds. Any lender. Any size.

Step 2: Identity Verification
The platform guides the signer(s) through the entire verification process, and makes the experience fun and friction-less.

Step 3: Signing Session
User-friendly platform makes the signing process simple and fast.

How does OneNotary work

STEP 1 Upload the package and invite your client to notarize
STEP 2 The client registers online and verifies his or her identity
STEP 3 The client and the notary meet online
STEP 4 Download the notarized package

8000 Virtual Notaries Are Ready When Your Clients Are

Using our service, your clients can notarize their business documents in minutes. Our notaries are available around the clock, so your clients can easily fit the notarization into their schedule.

Multiligual Notarizations Upon Request

Online Notary
Notario en linea
Notaire en ligne
ऑनलाइन नोटरी
נוטריון מקוון
Онлайн Нотаріус
Notário Online

Notarize Documents From Anywhere In the World

Do your clients travel? If they do, a remote notary makes even more sense. They can notarize their business documents from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection and a free OneNotary account.

If you’re a business with clients in different states, make it easy for yourself. Use an online notary service that clients can use from any state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my computer for an online notarization?
To use the OneNotary platform, you need a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. To perform an online notarization, both the notary and the signer must have a reliable internet connection, a video camera, a speaker, and a microphone.
How to get ready for an online notarization session?
First, you’ll schedule an appointment with an available notary on the OneNotary website. After the invitation to an online notarization session is sent to the signer, the signer has to go through the pre-signing steps: open an email with the invitation; upload a document; complete identity verification, and credential analysis; submit payment details. When the signer is ready for the notarization session, the notary will invite the signer to connect.
How does OneNotary perform ID verification and credential analysis?
OneNotary partners with a 3rd party provider to ensure the signer's identity. Identity verification requires two steps. First, the signer must answer specific questions that confirm their identity. Second, the signer must photograph the front and back of their driver's license using a smartphone. The signer then sends these images through an encrypted channel where they undergo a multi-layered identity analysis. Only signers with a confirmed identity can proceed with the online notarization session.
What happens during an online notarization session?
The online notarization session starts when the notary presses the "Start Session" button and you’ll press “Connect” on your side. You and the notary meet virtually in the same session window. The notary confirms your identity and describes the next steps. You fill in the required information and sign the document electronically. After this, the notary attaches a digital notarization seal and, if necessary, a notarization certificate. Once the notarization is complete, the notary closes the session. The notarized document is available to you immediately afterward.
How do I download the notarized documents?
Once the notarization session is completed, you will be redirected to the session summary page where you will see the link to download the documents. Your clients will see the documents and their accounts. They will also receive an email with a link to download the documents. Please note that we only keep your documents for 7 days after the notarization session is completed.
How does OneNotary protect my personal and confidential information?
OneNotary partners with industry leaders to provide secure identity verification, payment collection, and encrypted data storage. Every session takes place in a secure virtual environment. All confidential information that we are not required to keep is deleted.