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For Individuals Online Notarization is Legal in All 50 States

Your notary may come from another state.

Seal Online Any Document

Signers can notarize online the majority of documents traditional notaries seal. It includes POA, bills of sale, tax returns, and many more.

Accepted by New Mexico Counties

More and more counties now accept documents notarized online. To be certain, see the document instructions or check with your county clerk.

Why You Should Choose Digital Notarization?

Here are a few good reasons to trust your documents to our remote notary service.


Don’t drive around looking for a notary. Get your documents notarized from the comfort of your home or office.


Notarizations starting at $25, $10 each additional seal.


Never worry about misplacing your important documents, securely notarized online means you control document retention


Our notaries are knowledgeable and experienced. They’re ready to walk you through the signing and notarization.


Your Safety Is Our Priority

End-to-End Encryption

OneNotary’s secure platform uses state-of-the-art encryption.

Protected Online Environment

You notarize your documents in a secure online environment.

Secure by Design

We destroy documents we’re not required to store.

OneNotary Business Customers


Wills and trusts, releases, durable POAs, court documents, executorships


Bills of sale, title, applications, title transfers, insurance, POA


Medical POA, health proxy, living wills, DNR orders, medical directives


Applications for delivery of mail through agent


Certifications of official records, tax forms, orders for supplies and services


Permissions to travel, parental consents, sponsorship letters


Credit or loan documents, bank transfer forms, bank account management

Real Estate

Loan packages, deeds of trust, affidavits, closing disclosures, promissory notes


Lien waivers, easements, MOUs, contracts, leases

How does OneNotary work?

STEP 1 Fill in your email and press the Start button
STEP 2 Follow the link in the email invitation and upload the document for notarization
STEP 3 Identify yourself by answering questions from your history
STEP 4 Meet your notary online for a notarization session
STEP 5 Download the Notarized Documents


$ 25 .00

Single document online notarization with one notary certificate

+$10 for every additional certificate

Full Service

The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document


The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document


The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document

Money Back

The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online notary?

If you need to get a document notarized, you might drive to a post office or a law office to get your document notarized by a physical notary. Now, it is possible for you to go through the process online with the help of an online notary. An online notary is someone who has been commissioned by the state to notarize documents. On the other hand, instead of meeting with a physical notary, you will meet with the notary online. The notary will walk you through the process using video conferencing software. Then, you will download your notarized documents.

Is an online notary legal in New Mexico?

Yes, it is legal for you to work with an online notary in New Mexico. Any document that you can get notarized by a physical notary you should also be able to get notarized by an online notary. Make sure you review the requirements of your specific document. That way, the notary can walk you through the process of getting your document notarized properly.

What documents can be notarized on OneNotary?

There are numerous documents that you can get notarized using OneNotary. Any document that you can get notarized by a physical notary you should be able to get notarized online through OneNotary. For example, you may need to get your document notarized before you can submit it for a real estate transaction. Or, you might need to get your document notarized before you can submit it to a lawyer.

How to get something notarized in New Mexico online

If you would like to get something notarized online in New Mexico, there are a few steps you need to follow. First, you need to compare your availability to the availability of the online notary. Most websites will add a calendar you can use to take a look at who is available to help you. Then, you need to upload your documents so the notary can review them. Typically, you can do this using a link that is sent to you in an email after you schedule your appointment. When it is time for your appointment, you will need to verify your identity before you can meet with the online notary. Then, the notary will walk you through the process of getting your document notarized. Once the appointment is done, you will wait for the notary to notarize your documents before you can download them and submit them.

How does OneNotary perform ID verification and credential analysis?

OneNotary has a multi-layered security protocol that is responsible for verifying everyone’s identification documents. Furthermore, you will need to answer a few questions about your past a verify your identity before the appointment begins. This type of identity protection is important for making sure that your confidential information is not stolen during the session.

What happens during an online notarization session?

During the online notarization session, the online notary will have a few tasks that he or she will need to accomplish. The online notary is responsible for making sure that you fill out the document correctly. If you have any questions about filling out the document, the notary should be able to answer them for you. The notary is also responsible for verifying your identity. The notary needs to make sure that the name of the document is the same as the name of the person he or she is working with. The notary will also make sure that you are entering into the agreement of your own free will. The notary might ask you if you understand the implications of the document you are signing. Then, the notary will make sure that nobody is forcing you to sign the agreement.

How do I download the notarized document?

When the appointment is finished, the notary will have to notarize the document. This will probably take a few minutes after the end of the appointment. Then, you should receive an email letting you know that your notarized document can be downloaded. Before you submit the document, take a look at it and make sure it has been notarized appropriately. Review any concerns with the notary.

How safe is a virtual notarization?

A lot of people are concerned about safety during the virtual notarization process. It is important for you to take a look at the security protocols used by the website before you decide to go through the process online. For example, OneNotary invests in the best security protocols possible. That way, you can rest easy, knowing that your identity is protected.

What People Say

We value our customers the most and you can find it reading our reviews
Super easy to schedule and accomplish
Their app lets me update the fields and sign my pdf document. My company accepted my signed pdf so mission accomplished.
Denzelle @ Trustpilot
Notary knowledgeable, helpful, professional, Great service.
Bruce @ Trustpilot
The OneNotary service was very easy and convenient
I had a small issue with my document upload and we were able to get it fixed and completed very quickly. I will definitely use the service in the future.
Julie @ Trustpilot
My experience was excellent
OneNotary responded to my email queries very promptly. The notary who worked with me was efficient, very helpful and highly professional. The website is very user-friendly, and the technology that OneNotary uses works extremely well. Finally, I found the rates very reasonable.
R. L. @ Trustpilot
I am grateful for the very kind attention and assistance
The notary was friendly, knowledgeable, and went the extra mile to be very helpful.
Kevin @ Trustpilot

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