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For Individuals Online Notarization is Legal in All 50 States

Your notary may come from another state.

Seal Online Any Document

Pennsylvania allows online notaries to perform the same notarial acts as traditional notaries including POA, bills of sale, tax returns, and many more.

Accepted by Pennsylvania Counties

More and more counties now accept documents notarized online. To be certain, see the document instructions or check with your county clerk.

How does OneNotary work?

STEP 1 Fill in your email and press the Start button
STEP 2 Follow the link in the email invitation and upload the document for notarization
STEP 3 Identify yourself by answering questions from your history
STEP 4 Meet your notary online for a notarization session
STEP 5 Download the Notarized Documents


$ 25 .00

Single document online notarization with one notary certificate

+$10 for every additional certificate

Full Service

The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document


The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document


The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document

Money Back

The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for Pennsylvania notary services? If so, you might want to meet with a Pennsylvania online notary. If you are wondering, is online notary legal in Pennsylvania, the answer is that you can use this service if you need to get something notarized. What do you need to know about working with a RON Pennsylvania? Learn more about the process below, and consider working with OneNotary for all of your notary needs.

What Is an Online Notary?

Online notary of someone who has received a notary public commissioned by the state. Instead of meeting with someone in person, an online notary will meet with someone virtually. You will use video conferencing technology to meet with a notary public. Then, you will go through the same steps as you would if you were meeting with a notary public in person.

Does Pennsylvania Allow Remote Online Notarization?

Yes, you are allowed to use remote online notarization services in Pennsylvania. You should take a look at the documents you are getting notarized and reach out to a virtual notary service ahead of time to learn more about what the process will entail.

Do I Have To Be in Pennsylvania to Use Your Services?

No, you do not have to be in Pennsylvania to use virtual notary services. Instead, the notary is only allowed to notarize documents from his or her state. A notary is only allowed to notarize documents if he or she is in Pennsylvania and has been commissioned by the state. You can work with a Pennsylvania notary from just about anywhere.

What Documents Can Be Notarized Using OneNotary?

There is a wide variety of documents you can notarize using services from OneNotary. For example, you may have to get documents notarized for a real estate transaction. Or, you may have legal documents that need to get notarized before you can submit them to a court of law. A virtual notary in Pennsylvania can help you overcome these hurdles.

How to Notarize Something Online in Pennsylvania

If you are interested in notarizing something online in Pennsylvania, you need to take a look at the appointment calendar to find a time that works for you. Then, you should receive an email link allowing you to upload your documents. When it is time for the appointment, you will meet with the notary public using video conferencing technology. The notary public will walk you through the steps, and you will download your notarized documents when you are done.

Does a Signer Need to be Physically Present at the Online Notary Session?

No, you do not have to be physically present with the notary public to go through the session. Instead, you should be in front of the camera during the session so that you can communicate with the notary public using video conferencing technology.

How Is a Signer’s Identity Verified?

A notary public and the system will be responsible for verifying the identification documents submitted. You will also have to answer a few questions before the session to make sure you are who you say you are.

How Is a Document Signed?

You can print off the document, sign it with a pen, and scan it back to the system. Or, you may be able to use an electronic signature. The notary public will let you know what you need to do.

How Long Does it Take?

It depends on how many documents you have to get notarized. The session should not take any longer than it would if you were meeting with a physical notary public.

How To Download the Notarized Document

You should receive an email letting you know that it is time for you to download your notarized document. Then, you can take a look at the work of a notary, making sure that everything has been appropriately sealed.

How Much Can Remote Notaries Charge for Their Services?

A notary in Pennsylvania is allowed to charge $5.00 for each acknowledgment. They may charge more money for additional signatures.

Is Remote Online Notarization Safe and Secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure to use a remote online notary service. Make sure you verify the encryption services of the platform before getting started. If you use OneNotary, all of your information will be encrypted from start to finish, making sure you are protected.

Why Should I Work with a RON?

You should consider working with an online notary because this can help you save time and money during the process. You don’t have to worry about driving all over town looking for a notary public, and you can meet with a notary on your own schedule.

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