Speed up Business Processes With Online Notarization

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OneNotary Team

January 10, 2022

Notarization is an important process that ensures the proper identification of people that sign a document. It is a powerful system that helps to prevent fraud and it helps to reinforce the fact that a document was signed by someone under their own free will. It also helps to ensure that transactions can be independently verified at a later date.

But notarization can often be inconvenient as it requires you to look for a notary. These days, online notarization can help you notarize a document in just 15 minutes.


Convenient and affordable

With an online notarization process, you no longer need to look for a local notary, book a time, and then visit them in person. Simply get your documents notarized on the internet from the comfort of your home or office. Digital notarization is also much cheaper. You can notarize a single seal for just $25 and each additional seal is $6. This can ultimately save a lot of time which could be better spent on other business activities.
Secure notarization process

We understand that security is a huge concern with notarization, especially given all of the legal implications of a particular document. With OneNotary, we use a secure platform that offers TLS and multi-layered encryption. It’s secure by design and we wipe any documents that we’re not required to store by law. We also notarize documents with secure AWS data centers.