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Notarize USPS-1583

USPS-1583 Form Information

Do you need a virtual mailbox? You might need a PO box to receive packages or hold your mail while you’re out of town. Maybe you run a home-based business and you don’t want to use your home address on business correspondence.

If you want a commercial business to handle your mail, you need a specific government form, and you need to have it notarized. In this article, we’ll explain the USPS 1583 form and how to find an online notary to help you prepare it.

What Is a USPS-1583 Form?

This form, known officially as the Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent, allows another person or company to collect your mail.

You can now get documents notarized online from the comfort of your home or office. It’s easy to notarize your USPS-1583 form when you use an online notarization platform.

Filling out the USPS-1583 Form Step by Step


Fill out the USPS-1583 form carefully. Don’t sign it. You will date and sign it in front of a notary.


Enter the forms of identification you plan to use and their identification numbers. You must have your identification handy when you meet with an online notary.


A licensed, commissioned notary must fill out Section 15.


Sign and date the USPS-1583 form in front of the notary.


Include the USPS-1583 form in your mail forwarding service application.

USPS-1583 Notarization Pricing

$ 25 .00

USPS-1583 online notarization with one notary certificate

+$10 for every additional certificate

Full Service

The platform provides forms, notarization services, and a digital copy. One platform – one easy to use notarized document


We use a 2-steps verification process to insure safety and legitimacy of every notarization


All of our notaries are vetted and certified

Money Back

We offer you 100% guaranteed money back. No questions asked

How does OneNotary work

STEP 1 Fill out your USPS-1583 form
STEP 2 Identify yourself by answering a few questions
STEP 3 Enter the virtual meeting room
STEP 4 When the session is over, download your documents with a notary seal

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Get a USPS-1583 Form
You can download your form directly from the USPS. If you are working with a commercial mail receiving company, the company may have the USPS 1583 on hand with their information already filled out.
When Do You Need to Fill Out a USPS-1583 Form?
You need a properly prepared and notarized USPS 1583 to: rent a mailbox at the post office; rent a PO box at an independent location. Use a virtual mailbox; set up a mail forwarding service; designate a commercial mail receiving agent (CMRA) for your mail.
Do You Need to Notarize a USPS-1583 Form?
A properly notarized PS Form 1583 protects you from fraud. It ensures the post office won’t forward your mail to someone you haven’t authorized to receive it.
Where to Find a Notary for Your USPS-1583 Form
You may wonder where you can find a notary for your USPS 1583 form. Fortunately, you no longer have to drive all over town looking for a notary. You don’t have to call a mobile notary to come to your home. Notaries have entered the modern age. You can find an online notary who will meet you in a virtual space, notarize your signature and provide you with digital notary seals and certificates.
How Much Does Online Notarization of USPS-1583 Cost?
We charge $25 for a single document with one certificate.
How Does Online Notarization Work?
Using our service is easy: register online at OneNotary; schedule a time for your notarization; you will receive an email invitation to the notarization session; follow the link in the email; fill out your USPS-1583 form; identify yourself by answering a few questions; enter the virtual meeting room; sign your USPS-1583 form online, when the session is over, you can download your documents and the official seal.
Is Online Notarization Valid?
If your state permits remote online notarization, your notarized documents are just as valid as documents notarized in person. About 30 states allow online notarization.
Is My Personal Information Secure?
At OneNotary, we use secure identity verification and encrypted data storage. Each notarization session is secure and private. We destroy all personal information that we’re not required by law to keep.